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En notre vie mortelle il n’est d’autre vérité que le chevauchement, tout le restant n’étant que lanternes et fariboles.

Albert Cohen – Belle du Seigneur (1968)


„Nu saturi focul, oricâte lemne ai pune; mării nu-i ajung toate râurile ca să se umple cât ar vrea; morţii nu-i ajung niciodată cei vii, şi nici frumoaselor bărbaţii.”

-proverb indian-

101 ways to happiness

No. 44

„What can I do to affect the world? Stay out of the way! If you step around the bug instead of stomping it, that does more for world peace than marching in a parade!”

no. 53

„Silence the mind.”

no. 60

„You serve all of mankind by becoming as spiritually evolved as you can be.”

no. 92

„Give up self-importance.”

David R. Hawkins

The riddle of a humorous dove




My friend must be a Bird—

Because it flies!

Mortal, my friend must be,

Because it dies!

Barbs has it, like a Bee!

Ah, curious friend!

Thou puzzlest me! (Emily Dickinson)





and fall